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We have a friendly community that is always there to welcome new users. The community is always there to help you if you have any issues. If you have any questions there are also staff on that can help you with that :). We also have a Forums you can visit to see what’s going on in our community.

The Best Servers

We run the network on the most powerful dedicated machines giving you smooth gameplay. We also monitor the server’s making sure they are getting a solid 20TPS. If you are experiencing any issues be sure to let us know on our Forums so we can help resolve the issue giving you the best gameplay experience

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Want to help us out? Be sure to check out our Perk's store. When you buy a perk from the store it helps us pay off the server bills. If you have any questions about purchasing something please be sure to ask our friendly staff team!



Want to check the reason you are banned or see who is banned this is where to go. If you feel your ban is a mistake or a error please make a appeal.

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Cinque Terre


I am the owner and founder of the network. I normally work behind the scenes on the server. If you see me on be sure to say Hi :)

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Creative is an awesome game mode where you and your friends can go and build things that come from your imagination!



Try to survive with your friends on survival. Fight against players as you fight for resources.


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